Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ooooh, Gregor!

An anonymous reader sent over this slideshow of pics of our lil gloworm, Greg White. There are pics of his son and of a lovely young woman; I don't know if that's his girlfriend back home or his son's mom, and I don't know if those women are the same person. We really don't know much about him!

For those who don't speak Spanish, the reader also sent a translation of the text in the video. Thanks, you! :)

Title: What do you think of this video edition?
JB Studios Presents

Un Regalo Especial: A Special Gift

Para alguien especial: For someone special

un ser que ha llenado mi vida de grandes momentos: A being that has filled my life with big moments.

como buen padre: as a good father

buen amigo: a good friend

buen deportista: good athlete

y sobre todo: and especially

me sabes querer: I know how to love

y yo a ti bebe: and I to you baby

en todo momento: at all times

junto a tu principe: along with your prince

y mi principe: and my prince

Todos te apoyamos: we all support you

y los mora tambien: and them also

y aunque no te has ido: and although you have not gone away

ya te extrano mucho: i already miss you so much

aqui estare: here I will be

en el mismo lugar bebe: in the same place baby.

y recuerda: and remember

lo que has lograda: what you have achieved

y lo que lograras: and what you will achieve

y volvernos a encontrar: and return to find......


CABravesFan said...

mmm- shirtless gregor:) His son is ADORABLE!

I love the fact that it was his girlfriend who fixed his batting stance...

Crista Michelle said...

i didn't know he had a kid. but he's adorable.