Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rain Out #2! :(

I can't believe I've been to two games postponed by rain this season. Crazy! Yesterday was pretty fun, though. Ask LizzieBeth about the pigeons. ;)

I was really looking forward to seeing Charlie pitch, not to mention Rich Harden, who's pitching tonight instead of last night...

Mmm, mmm, good. Allow me to counter with our team's best behind! :D

Anyway, here are some of the pics I took at the rain-shortened BP. Some are not as clear as usual, depending on how much rain was coming down at the time, and the Cubs never took the field. Enjoy!

Actual batting practice:
- Baby in the cage while Frenchy watches
- Kots
- Hey, is that Boog in the background?
- Yeah it is! What up, Boog! Love you!
- "Little Havana", as I'm told they're collectively called

Fielding practice, sort of:
- KJ's pretty calves
- Clint Sammons!
- Big Picture
- High five!

Pitchers pitching:
- Pic 1
- Tommy
- Pic 3
- Pic 4
- Pic 5
- Pic 6

Pete Moylan:
- Pic 1
- Pic 2
- Pic 3
- Pic 4 (run, Pete!)
- Playing with Phil Falco, who I didn't know had a uniform number
- Contemplative...
- Underhand only. Good boy.
- For Crista :)

The Baby Braves tell stories:
- Pic 1
- Pic 2
- Pic 3
- Pic 4
- Pic 5
- Lean on in, Frenchy ;)
- Pic 7
- Stop biting your nails, Baby.
- Fight! Fight! Fight! (...I kinda wish they would.)

Our boy El Duderino played an inning or two at shortstop:
- Pic 1
- Pic 2
- Pic 3
- Pic 4
- Then talked to Ryan Theriot for a minute before moving into the visitor's dugout.

Bye, boys! Time for the tarp.

One last thing: Who the heck is driving this neon blue...vehicle?


CABravesFan said...

I just realized I have been staring at that picture of Rich Harden (wow- what an appropriate name;P) for the last minute or so...i think there may have been a little drool:)

was bummed about the rain out until I turned on whatever my tivo had recorded and got to watch Chip, Pete, Joe and Smoltzie talk about their memories of Skip- That was really cool:) Also heard Smoltzie say he was going to pitch next year(!!!!!)- which pretty much made my night...

Lauren T. said...

I think Smoltzie's being rather optimistic. ;) I'm excited for him to broadcast the whole game on Saturday on PTV, though! That's going to be fun.

CABravesFan said...

I think so too but it still sounded good:)

I also am looking forward to Saturday- always love having him in the booth

By the way thanks, as always, for hte pictures

Jennifer said...

You are wrong, Lauren. He's going to pitch AND hit. :p And be really really uber hot whilst doing both. :D <3 He'll probably grow the hair back, too. Just to spite Tommmy. Heh.

No disrespect intended re: The Barber, but no one can beat Richie's ass. Totally smackable.

Crista Michelle said...

-feels loved- thanks for the pictures, Lauren. As always, love it. Especially that one :D

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think Ohman is the owner of the neon car...just seems very "him."

CABravesFan said...


The exact same thing went through my mind when I saw that:)...who but Will Ohman would drive a neon blue car?

Lauren T. said...

You guys are funny. I've received word that the blue car is not Ohman's -- it's either a rental or it's not one of the players' cars. (The wives / girlfriends / coaches can park back there too.)

Lizziebeth said...

Ugh! Aack! The birds! Yeeachh and scary.
You got some GREAT pictures; much better than mine. Hated that it was a rain-out, but I had loads of fun just hanging out!!

Note to self: Must remember to set DVR for Saturday...

Lo said...

But the car is parked by Mac so of course I'm gonna go with it being Frenchy's car. :D

CoriJo said...

Rich Harden = delicious
And I thought Jeffy B. gave an awesome view from behind ;)

I just can't see any of our boys driving that horrible blue car...not even my new favorite goofball, Will Oh