Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scott Thorman: Olympian

I really miss Thor. (He looks thinner, no?) Here he is rounding the bases after hitting a 3-run homer during yesterday's Olympic game vs. China. If you missed it, he's playing for team Canada. Go, Canada! High fives for everyone! :)

For those of you sitting here saying, "How is Scotty in the Olympics? Isn't he a professional baseball player? And aren't the Olympics for amateur athletes, supposedly?"

The answers are yes and yes. The cutoff in baseball is whether the player is in the majors or the minors at a specific date (this year it was July 23, according to Pete Orr!™). If he's on a major-league roster? He is not eligible to compete. Minor league roster? Tryouts await.

We're cheering for you, Thor! :D


CABravesFan said...

just for the record- the reason there are pro basketball and hockey players in the olympics and not baseball players is because MLB doesn't want to halt the season to allow the pros to play- the minor leaguers was a consession they made with the IOC- who really wanted the pros to play (one of the reasons baseball was removed from the olympics for 2012)- the amateur rule doesn't really apply anymore (kinda sad actually)

Lauren T. said...

Thanks for clarifying, CA. :)