Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Divorce almost final for Peter Moylan

I did not see this coming...

Divorce rates are extremely high for those whose work keeps them away from home. So one can only imagine what it must be like for a guy whose family is halfway around the world, in Australia.

Moylan and his wife filed for divorce shortly after last season ended. She had stayed back in Australia to have their second baby during the 2007 season.

It takes a year for divorces to be finalized in Australia, so the Moylans’ split won’t become official until next month. And then comes the really brutal part for him, personally.

The kids. He has two daughters, Montana, who’ll be 8 next month, and Matisse, who is 1. Moylan’s always upbeat, always cracking jokes, even before and immediately after his surgery.

But his mood changes when discussing his children, and how much he’s going to miss them.

“I saw the girls when I went back for two weeks recently,” he said.

They’re in Australia with their mother, and his daughters’ names are tattooed on his arms, one on each arm, the most prominent of all his tattoos.

“That’ll be the tough part,” he said of not seeing them this winter, other than for two weeks around Christmas. The rest of the time, Moylan will be in Atlanta, continuing his rehab with a Braves trainer at Turner Field.

Moylan says this quietly, barely able to smile at all. Frankly, it’s hard to hear, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him to discuss it and think about it.

I’m guessing he’s going to be lonelier than he’s ever been in his life this winter, when baseball season is over and there are fewer distractions to keep him from thinking constantly about his daughters half a world away.

“That’s the killer, staying here for the offseason,” he said. “But I’ve got the resources I need here to continue rehabbing and getting ready.”

Still, that’s not going to make it any easier when he sees his daughters’ names on his arms, when he looks at their pictures.

It’s an enviable life they lead, folks. No doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean parts of it aren’t hell.
Dang. Good luck, Pete. That's got to be killer.


Crista Michelle said...

oh my god that makes me want to cry. tracey was one of the wives i wanted to meet. i feel so bad for the whole family, especially Montana and Matisse. i didn't see it coming either. Oh my God... you know me. I love Pete, but still... oh my goodness.

Lauren T. said...

I knew you'd probably take this the hardest, Crista. :( :(

I can't believe it takes a year for divorces to finalize in Australia. That means when she came out here at the end of last season to visit, that's when they decided to split? And what about that lovely spread in Chop Talk? So sad.

CABravesFan said...

I can't possibly imagine how tough this must be on Pete- so far away from his girls, going through something like this and not being able to pitch to top it all off- the fact that he can remain so upbeat and positive says a lot about him as a person... hope it all works out well for everyone involved...and that he can make it back strong next year:)

Allee said...

Sad =[
I hate that for them, but I'm sure he'll find a way to see his girls when he needs to. Poor guy..

Crista Michelle said...

Once again, just horrible.

Hey Lauren, didn't you say in one of the google search post thingys that someone found Braves Love by searching about Peter Moylan divorcing Tracey? Either that's one weird coincidence, or someone knew something we didn't o.0

Jennifer said...