Sunday, September 7, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs. Nationals 9-5-08

Aww, a piece of firework shrapnel from the last Friday Night Fireworks Night I'll be able to attend this season. It's hard to believe it's almost over.

Lizziebeth snagged some free tickets again -- awesome, as usual -- and sweet-talked a couple of ushers in section 120 to let us sit there, since it wasn't going to fill up anyway. Woo! So here are some of the things we saw...


Woman wearing a patriotic jumper, a fishing vest, and a Bluetooth.

The guy in green looked like he could be Clint's older brother. Very, very handsome. This pic does not do him justice. ;)

Pete appeared to molest Charlie during BP. I was shocked, but in a ha-ha way. Charlie didn't seem to mind; they hung out for an awful lot of BP. When Pete wasn't there, it was Clint. Aww.

Frenchy wore a Mitch-A-Palooza t-shirt under his uni. Is that allowed? Maybe Bobby's a fan of Old School and told F it's OK?

This guy cheered for "the section" every time a foul ball was hit to us (three times). We're pretty sure he was stoned, since we didn't see him drinking, but he was flat-out crazy.

A sparkly hat. For those of you reading this who aren't "into fashion" (like my roommate!), this? Is always a no-go. Don't ever buy a sequined hat. The only exception I can think of is for a costume. Seriously. This should not be in your closet.


Jeff Bennett hopped into the stands to snuggle with his little girl before the game. His family also came onto the field for Friday Night Fireworks, and after the show, his oldest girl took off running into center field. He chased her for a little while, then just kind of let her run. Man, I know what I would have done in all that pretty green grass when I was that age -- exactly what she did. :D It was hard not to do that a couple of years ago when I got to go on the field during FanFest!

TP led a group of motorcycles around the warning track! pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

Josh's feet are huge.

Langy and KJ had a pretty long conversation -- KJ spent most of the convo trying to get something out of his (own) eye.

Pete entertains everyone!

"McCann for Prez"

Game Time!

Lots of Langy, for my friend Suzanne (and all the other L-ladies)! pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4

Ever wonder why Yunie's right thigh is so dirty, always? He rubs dirt down it before every first pitch -- it's one of his superstition thingies. :)

Hi, Josh!

See that hat, just on the level of the rail? That's Pete Orr! Was he trying to hide, or something?

Who's this curled up next to Smoltz? Is that Glav? (Sorry it's so blurry!)

Frenchy's down. He was hit around the hip area and left the game. Baby followed down the tunnel in the next inning and didn't come back out for a while. Awwww.

Odalis Perez, former Brave, gave a kid a baseball from the dugout. :)

Rookie hazing? Whatever the reason, this is classic:

(ETA: Oooh, Boog just called it "the Barbie bag" on Sunday's broadcast. He said a rookie is in charge of filling it up with gum and candy and taking it to and from the bullpen. Nice!)

Braves win! Thanks for playing, guys. (See all the pics here.)

PS -- Tomahawk Team? When you dance atop the dugouts like this and this, you can't complain when people call you the Braves cheerleaders. ;)


ETA: I forgot the videos!

MattE likes the Stray Cats (not surprising):

And Huddy was flipping his lid in the dugout, but I didn't get the camera on him quickly enough:

From the broadcast, Martin and MattE are friend, and Charlie tells Pete a story:

*video removed*


CABravesFan said...

Josh Anderson- adorable face, sweet southern accent, REALLY nice butt:)

Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

No more "old meat" jokes from you, I'm guessing. ; )

CABravesFan said...

Jennifer- was that directed at me? it wasn't me making "old meat" jokes...i dont care how old it is if it looks like that:)
(ok- that sounded a lot different in my head)

I think you are becoming a bad influence on me- the other night I was watching Gonzo pitch- he bent over for whatever reason- the camera was on his behind- i thought- "now THAT is a nice camera angle"- sad, huh?

Jennifer said...

Woops! No, that was directed at Lauren. Sorry. That wasn't clear.

Wait. Light colors make things look bigger, right? Heh heh heh.

CABravesFan said...

No worries:)

i dont think it would have made a difference if he had been wearing black...

at least i have a reason to keep watching these last few games:)