Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy birthday, Our Katy Temple!

OKT makes Braves Live worth watching -- well, along with Brian Jordan and Ronnie Gant. But OKT is our very favorite, and we wish her the best for her birthday.

*video removed*

Her face is priceless -- I really wish we could have heard the rest of Frenchy's message to her, but it's kinda fun to imagine what he said and why it wasn't fit to air! ;)

*video removed*

Awww, Boog & Joe. :)

Happy birthday, Katy! We look forward to your Clubhouse Reports next year!


Also from tonight's game, an interview with Josh...

*video removed*


slappywhite said...

She totally digs Frenchy.

Jennifer said...

Oh, the things that were left unsaid... ;)