Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Josh Anderson's first home run!

Last night was FULL of great stuff. FULL. I mean, it was great! I've recorded an even dozen videos to share -- hope you enjoy!!

First things first... Josh!

His first major-league homer!

(and the official video)

His post-game interview:

He's just a doll. I hope he's our CF next year. (Actually, I hoped he'd be it for this season, coming out of Spring Training, but the Gloworm was just too good!)


The next most amusing thing from the game...

Baby's diving catch.

"Gentlemen, please fill your divots..."

See that Santa? And see how Mrs. Claus is rubbing his belly? I kind of want to do that to a certain member of the team. :D


Speaking of catchers...

I love how clingy Clint is. I don't know who to be jealous of in this video...

And he even supports Will:


From the pre- and post game shows...

Brian Jordan "sings" the theme from "Braves Live":

Please enjoy these interviews with James Parr's Eyebrows, a 12-year-old boy, and Jeff Ridgway (who looks significantly better without a hat).

And Ruben is a super-cutie! Look at him winking at OKT!


Finally, the miscellaneous...

Baby greets Krotchie and gives him a bat. Nice!

And Emo KJ!


They just said on today's broadcast that Jo-Jo's wife had their baby this morning -- a little girl named Payton Brooklyn. Congratulations!


Jennifer said...

That's not just an "Atta boy" pat on the ass, there's cupping going on there. Cupping of the ham.

Leah said...

Well, KJ's used to being emo since he used to be a rocker dude in high school, with the long hair and earrings (and listened to bands like Weezer), before Blaine, Adam Wainwright, and others converted him into a prep, lol. (From ChopTalk, I forget which issue.) I could so see that on KJ, too. But you may have posted this already, lol. I can't remember.

kati said...

Thank you so much for adding these!I've been a fan of the blog for a while, but I just started going to college at Emory. Though we are a mere 8-9 miles away from Turner Field, we don't get FSN or SportsSouth. So I haven't been able to watch any games on TV. But I absolutely love the clips you post. These are awesome - particularly flying Baby. Thanks!!

Allee said...

Clingy Clint!
I love it! Haha

Crista Michelle said...

Awww. last night was a great game. and i couldn't watch it to night :). but i couldn't watch it all. stupid school xp ;). :D.

BUT, im getting mad because of the lack news on the moylan throwing session. I wonder if they're waiting to get back so they can talk to him about it ((I wouldn't mind that)) but its ticking me off >:[

Jennifer said...

Charlie looks like a thug with the towel on his head. It kinda works for me. :D That energy gel stuff he's sucking on must not have worked, sadly.

Is that the bat boy he's sitting next to? ;)

CABravesFan said...

is it just me or does Jeff Ridgeway look a little like Adam LaRoche?

and what is Huddy doing without his brace? thought he was supposed to wear it longer...

Jennifer said...

Ooooh! I meant to comment on the brace. I got distracted by Charlie. <3

Boys tend to not follow directions very well, though. Por ejemplo, someone we all know with a brand new labrum who's been golfing for six weeks, but just got the ok yesterday. *facepalm*

And, ladies, he irons. <3

CABravesFan said...

this is true...

guess its ok as long as he doesn't make anything worse:)

Lizziebeth said...

Wow, so much stuff I had to start taking notes!
Jennifer, "cupping of the ham"...going down in my book of quotables; I LOVE it.
I caught that instantly - Huddy with no brace. You gotta believe he's getting some talking-to from Kim on that. I truly admire that woman, btw.
"12-year-old-boy"; LoL, ah, our prepubescent looking Lilly.

Good times, Lauren!!

MoonKween's Kastle said...

The best thing about this post = Brian Jordan!

Gawd, I miss him!

Jessica said...

I love the Brian Jordan clip, too.

And, I am in love with Josh's accent! I knew he was a Southern boy, but not all of them have accents :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

@ leah - if you ever find out what issue of ChopTalk that is I'd love to know. I need to read about KJ's Weezer days!