Saturday, September 27, 2008


A silly little video featuring former Brave Mark DeRosa and some of his Cubbie teammates... enjoy!

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1. Geo Soto is a lot cuter than I thought. I guess it's okay that he started in front of Baby.

2. I sure hope Ryan Dempster can be a Brave one day!

3. DeRo is beautiful, as always. I'm pretty sure Dempster smacked Geo for real -- Mark's laugh sounds genuine.

4. Theriot looks like a girl.

5. Fontenot with the cleat chaser -- priceless!

Thanks for the link, Jennifer!


CABravesFan said...

I'd forgotten just how beautiful DeRo i miss him

Dempster totally smacked Soto for real- he sounded kinda suprised and a little ticked off...funny stuff:)

Jennifer said...

I think DeRo's sole purpose in that video was to look pretty, and damn. He did it well. When he's in a huge hitting slump, and my husband starts bitching about it, I remind him that sometimes it's ok that DeRo's just out there to give us ladies something to look at. :* His laughter on there is so awesome. Love him. <3

Geo is very pretty. He has that guyliner thing going on with his lashes. He had a dumb, bowl-looking haircut a while ago. Glad that phase is over. I don't want to like him, but he's prety much won me over.

Ryan Theriot is a Wanker. Don't forget it. You heard it here first. :D We call Fontenot "Hamster Boy" but I do like him a lot, even though he's wearing Mark Grace's number. A number no one should be allowed to wear. Not his fault, though. I'm pretty sure that, on the road, he just gets Theriot's cast-offs, as far as the cleat chasers go. ;)

Dumpster. <3 I hope we keep him. If you're gonna have one Canadian, you might as well have a pair. ;)