Saturday, September 6, 2008

Poor Charlie... “The muscles that hold the scapula in place are weak, so it’s going in places it shouldn’t,” Morton said. “There’s a bursa sac near the ribs, and the scapula is pressing against it.”

Morton was scheduled for X-rays to make sure there was nothing structurally unusual in his rib-cage area that might be causing the problem.

“It’s not a shoulder [injury], it’s underneath the scapula,” said manager Bobby Cox, who will start Jo-Jo Reyes on Sunday in what would have been Morton’s next turn, and keep rookie James Parr in the rotation for the time being.
They said in the pre-game today that nothing came up on the X-rays, which is structurally good, I suppose. This concerns me the most:
But for now, he and the Braves are left to wonder about the cause of the pain and the fact that he's lost nearly 20 pounds since the start of Spring Training.
I knew he looked thin. :( Poor guy. If you need a massage therapist (one with sports training), Charlie, I know a great one!


Jennifer said...

Ham <3 :(

I think I read somewhere today that he's attributing the weakness in his back to the weight loss. He says 15 lbs, even though he's trying to eat a lot. Still too much. He needs to eat whatever Tummy is eating to keep that little basketball belly. <3

Hey, do you still have that Chubby Charlie picture from spring? I think we need to compare/contrast.

Lauren T. said...

I can't find the chubby Charlie pic. It was cute, too!