Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mailbag 10/13/08

I'm not Bowman, but I'd like to take a swipe at this week's Braves mailbag questions. I'm also not a baseball genius, and those of you who've "known" me for a little while know that my point of view is a tiny bit skewed (heh heh), but there's not much to talk about now so I thought I'd give it a go! :D

What are the chances the Braves trade for Jake Peavy, and who do you think they'll have to give up to get him?

We may have to pull a Teixeira-like deal to get a Peavy or a CC Sabathia, but that's what we need to get out of our no-playoffs rut. I'd offer Schafer, Lilli, and a mid-level pitching prospect for a superstar pitcher that will be a workhorse for us for the next three years. Remember, Huddy's going to be out nearly all of next year (if not for the full year), and there's no guarantee Smoltz or Glavine will return or be effective.

Does the rash of arm injuries on the pitching staff have anything to do with pitching coach Roger McDowell's pitching philosophy? The Braves didn't seem to have as many injuries under Leo Mazzone.

Bowman's answer on this is better than mine would be. Roger's got "a staff full of old farts" to work with, not the Young Guns Leo had.

What are the chances the Braves will move Brian McCann to first base? It seems like if he did move, he could prolong his career and be in the lineup more often.

I think this is a terrible idea. Baby was called up so young because of his talent behind the plate, not at the plate. His offensive numbers rank among the best catchers, but when you compare them to first basemen (think Teix and Poo-holes), he's nothing special. We should keep him behind the plate until his knees start twinging, and then scoot him over to 1B.

I do love how Bowman mentioned Baby getting the weight loss tips from Chino. It probably went something like, "Drop the belly or you'll be a bench coach before you turn 27." (kidding, kidding)

How much will we be able to count on Chipper Jones next year? He had an amazing year this year, but I feel as if it was his last deep breath in his long Braves life!

I have to agree with the question-asker. I think Chipper has a couple of seasons left in him, but this was the last great one.

What do you think the chances are of Jordan Schafer making the team?

No chance, since I'm trading him for a starting pitcher. ;)


Happy belated birthday to Charlie Morton (10/12)! Hope you had a wonderful day!!


Leah said...

I agree with your assessments on all of the questions. Everyone thinks KJ would be a good trading piece, but why trade him when he's doing well? It's not like he's been here for five years and has sucked all five of them. We have too many outfielders anyway, we need to trade some of them. Plus, I favor Josh and Blanco. ;)

Lauren T. said...

KJ is a streaky player, maybe too streaky to count on full-time, every day. I considered including him in the trade talks, but I have no idea what we could get for him and while I like Martin, I don't know if I'm ready to hand 2B to him.

We'll see what happens in the off-season, but I won't be surprised if KJ's in a different uni come February.

CABravesFan said...

I would not trade KJ right now, mainly because we have much more pressing iussues then finding a better 2nd baseman (and I think KJ is perfectly fine at that position-but he does have to get more consistant)and I agree with Lauren about Martin- not convinced he would be an upgrade.

As for Peavy I would do almost anything to get him in a Braves uniform- there are only a few untouchables for me when it comes to a guy like that...
(by the way I believe Sabathia is a free agent after this year- wouldn't cost us players but would cost more then I am willing to pay)

Sara said...

Lauren, I think you've got a very creative and funny blog here. I'm not even into baseball that much, but your posts make it fun.

I still think you could make some extra money with it . . . But I know where you stand. Still . . .


Anyway, nice writing. It makes me laugh.

Lauren T. said...

Thanks girl! What are you going to be for Halloween? I'm going to miss most of the ward party because I'll be at Holly's wedding. She's not having official attendants, but I'm special enough to get a corsage. Maybe I'll stop by later as a "lonely bridesmaid". Heh.

Jennifer said...

Jake Peavy needs a swift kick to the groin. He's a pissy little bitch. See: his airport tirade as exhibit A. He can pitch a little, though.

I'd be a little worried that CC's arm suffered during those gazillion innings he pitched in the last two months. He exhibited an impressive lack of control in his one NLDS start. Maybe rest will help. Or not.

And, this is me, not listening to any talk of trading KJ, *covers ears* "La-la-la-la-la-laaaaaa!" :)

CABravesFan said...

I'd be more worried about CC's gut then his arm right now- and his salary- but I don't like that he threw all those pitches either...