Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The one time I'm too busy to volunteer...

My mom just called from the charity golf tournament I didn't have time to attend (boo, work) to tell me that Baby AND Frenchy are there.

Mom: "If I see Baby at the reception in just a minute, do you want me to give him a kiss for you?"

Me: "HA! Yes, please."

Now I'm a little concerned, because she just might do it! She prefers Francoeur, and she's even looked into getting a Cavalier after I sent her a few pics of them with the dogs. Silly mom. :)

PS -- Bobby and TP are there too. I told her to let me know if any other current Braves show up, especially a heavily-tattooed one or a super-skinny one with sparse facial hair.


Crista Michelle said...

Ohhh! My favorite Aussie. (my friend got a Future Mrs Moylan hat personalized at the fayco fair the other day :']) its weird knowing hes still here. :). but its kinda cool too xD.

Leah said...

Awww, that's too bad. I was looking forward to some off season photos of some of the guys. :( Maybe later this off season we'll see them somewhere.

Jennifer said...

Oh, how I HATE when real-life, grown-up responsibilities get in the way of boyfriends. It's wonderful that so many of them wre there. Maybe next year, love.

Are you going to Bobby's charity thing? I know you enjoy scoping out the evening wear of certain attendees. ;)

Lauren T. said...

I loved every minute of Bobby's charity thing. If I can drum up the $100 for the ticket, I'll go. Sadly, no cameras allowed inside. :(

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