Thursday, October 16, 2008

Would Tom Glavine make a good president?

The AJC wants to know "which sports figure would get your vote for president?" The ensuing photo gallery has a couple of Braves inside: Dale Murphy (yay!) and Tommy (in a tux, with his wife). Oh, and check out photo #13 -- it's awesome. :)


Jennifer said...

That's cute. :)

I love Tommy, but I'm going with "none of the above." Almost without exception, pro athletes tend to be Republicans. ;)

MollyG said...

#13 was hilarious and bless us all who live in Alabama, Barkley has talked about running for gov. in the past. Lets hope he sticks to commentary.

Allee said...

Molly, I live in Alabama too.
Yay for southern chicks! =D

CABravesFan said...

Nobody will ever top the Governator!

Loved #13:)

And Tommy looked really good in that tux!

Jennifer said...

Nobody cleans up better than Tommy. <3