Monday, November 10, 2008

First report from last night's festivities

Did any of you get to go to the Smoltzie + Foxy comedy hour last night? A reader sent the link to this LiveJournal account of the evening! If you were there or know of anyone who was, please share! :)

Thanks, Jennifer!


Leah said...

Sounds like a few good nights for our Braves men.

She mentions the RALLY Foundation event that Mac is supposed to attending as well on the 13th. Speaking of Mac, there's a new picture (with regrown hair) and new article about him here on the AJC. Apparently, he's already 15 lbs. lighter and wants to become more athletic. This should be an interesting off season.

Lauren T. said...

Bless his heart, he's said the same thing every off-season. I hope it works this time. (Well, I'm only half-hoping he loses weight. I like the "soft" version!)

Jennifer said...

Ummmm, who gives a shit about a nipple attacking badger. She didn't write about any of the good parts. I thought there'd be more of this stuff today.

Sorry. I'm taking my aggressions out on this poor, unsuspecting woman.

Lizziebeth said...

Glad to know I'm not missing anything much. I signed up and now I can't find it or get in through the link ("Forbidden!"). yeesh!