Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Admission Day - Pictures!

Can you think of a better thing on a sunny Saturday afternoon than spending it in the Braves Clubhouse? I sure can't! ...Okay, that's not true, but yesterday was tons of fun. Here are some pictures I took in the Hall of Fame and on the tour of Turner Field. Enjoy!

We walked the Hall of Fame / Museum while waiting for the tour to start. The only thing I felt a need to capture in digital film is the following, in the 2005 locker:

(insert inappropriate "wood" joke here)

*ahem* Anyway.

It was bizarre to be there in a completely empty stadium.
Pic 1 ~ Pic 2 ~ Pic 3 ~ Pic 4 ~ Pic 5 ~ Pic 6 ~ Pic 7

There were some fun things we saw during the open-air part of the tour! That stupid cow - there's no telling whether it's a boy or a girl... The Budweiser clock wasn't operating... The Atlanta skyline is still beautiful from the upper deck! ...And in the dugout, Frenchy & Baby's bat holders are next to each other. (Insert inappropriate "wood" joke #2)

We were allowed to walk behind home plate but were warned not to get near, touch, stand on, etc. the grass because of the growth chemicals applied by the grounds crew. Of course, two whole parents not only didn't stop their little girl from running into the infield, but encouraged her to stand out there for a picture. People like that shouldn't be allowed to have kids. Sheesh.

We did get to go into the Suntrust Club! Look how pretty! It's a lot smaller than I expected, but the green special chairs outside are super-comfy. They also had the BP schedule hanging outside.

Braves Clubhouse! Here's the trainer's room, the showers, the scales (who bent these? Andruw?), and a few lockers. Pic 1 ~ Pic 2 ~ Pic 3 (Tommy Glavine's pills, Baby's chair and a giant box in front of Pete Moylan's locker.) Speaking of Pete's locker, can I just tell you how much it grosses me out that he has an autographed poster of Chipper Jones in there? One of my friends pointed it out, and I said, "GROSS" so loud that the security guy inside laughed at me. (He was a sweetie -- he let me lean WAY in past the zippy rope to snag a picture of the poster.) Anyway, ugh.

Let's talk about something else awesome...we got to go into the press box and broadcast booths! ID required! Here's the radio booth and the view from the TV booth. (I was going to try to sit in Boog's chair, but there were tons of kids on the tour and they beat me to it. That's cool.) Here's an interesting sign on a cabinet, and an American flag that was flown in Afghanistan in honor of Pete, Don, Skip, and Joe.

The press box was...exactly what I expected. Here's where I don't care to sit again, and here's a friend of mine on the AP phone (totally against the rules!). On the way from the press box, we went by the press cafeteria. Woo.

Oh, we got a tour of a couple of private suites, but they weren't anything special. (If you've been in one private suite at a professional sporting event, you've pretty much seen them all.)

It was a very, very fun day! If you ever get a chance to take the tour, jump on it!


Leah said...

Thanks for the pictures! :) It looks to have been a fun day! I would like to take a tour someday, but the only time we usually only go up to Atlanta is to a game and never get there that early.

Some of those things I've never seen in pictures (IE. the training room and into the shower room). I wonder if those are community showers or personal showers, but then again these are men, so I'm expecting the showers to be too elaborate and what not, lol. He he, but it's something to think about, though. I'm nosy like that, I guess. ;)

Leah said...

Also, having that poster is very weird of Moylan. :\

Lauren T. said...

One picture I didn't add to the blog is one of my friends sipping from the water fountain between the shower room and the locker room -- I warned her about what kind of stuff she could catch, but she didn't listen!

If you go during the season, they don't let you go to the clubhouse area. It's a shame, too! ;)

Crista Michelle said...

The chipper poster in pete moylan's looker freaked me out :).

i actually did my broadcasting project on yesterday, so i'll send you the vid when it gets on youtube :)

flbravesgirl said...

I went on the tour several years back (on an absolutely freezing winter day). It would have been great except our guide was a jerk. He was straight from central casting- "Today playing the role of a mean PE teacher..." That's what he reminded me of. We get to the highlight of the tour , the locker room , & he says" oh well, the doors are locked. You don't get to see it." I was so mad. That was what we paid for.

Susan said...

Your pictures are great!
I think I must have gotten there a little bit before you (the 12:30 tour). It was extremely windy and raining for the first half of the tour. Yuck! But then the sun came out and the sky was blue for the second half.
The clubhouse was definitely the highlight of the tour. Did you notice the picture of Catie Francoeur in Smoltzie’s locker? I couldn’t figure that one out.
It was a fun day and a good pick-me-up during the off season :)

Lauren T. said...

Oooh, I didn't see the pic of Catie. I was too weirded out by the Chipper poster, I guess.

Our tour started at 1:00, so we barely missed you! I had four friends with me - we had so much fun.

Crista Michelle said...

here we are :). i think i did a good job :D. please leave constructive criticsm so i can do better on my next vid- that will probably be on fan fest :D

Lo said...

Those were great, thanks for sharing! Good to see that Petey Moylan has excellent taste in locker decor. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren! Glad you had a great time and you took some wonderful pics. I've taken the tour twice... once each year we went to Atlanta. The first year we didn't get to see the clubhouse, but the second year (the most recent) we got to see the training room and the clubhouse because we took the tour on an off-day. I read on their website the clubhouse part of the tour is only open when the Braves are out of town during season.