Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spring Training Schedule!

I know we're not even through autumn yet, but I'm inordinately excited about the release of the spring training schedule (another thing I missed last Thursday!).

Pitchers and catchers report on Valentine's Day! Another reason to look forward to February 14th! Woo!!


CABravesFan said...

2 months, 19 days...but who's counting?

Valentine's day just became my favorite pseudo-holiday:)

Crista Michelle said...

We're going on a cruise in Feb- I can bet you that we'll be at the Wide World Of Sports some time before or after that cruise :D

Lauren T. said...

I've always loved V-Day (VD, ha ha), but then, I have an extrordinary amount of love in my heart. :D

flbravesgirl said...

I'm looking very much forward to their one trip here to Bradenton. Don't know how many starters I'll see, with it being one of their longer drives from Disney & only the 3rd game of the spring. Maybe I can catch some of their other games too if Dad would like to go on a little road trip.

Speaking of holidays... Happy Thanksgiving!!!