Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kyle "Jackhammer" Davies

Former Braves pitcher Kyle Davies has an off-season construction job, as some of the less-elite players tend to have. This doesn't surprise me, considering how Chuck James always worked as a window installer in the off-season. These guys know they can't play baseball forever, and some may not make enough money to retire on their earnings. If you have a skill, it's great to keep sharp -- you never know how long this MLB ride will last.

Thanks for the article tip, John!

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Leah said...

I saw this article yesterday and it reminded me why I liked Kyle so much as a Brave, despite him sucking more often than not. I like him still, but since he's not on my favorite team anymore, I just don't follow him that regularly. It's nice to know that he's getting along well and that he hopes to be in the Royals rotation after some long-awaited success. Hope it continues and he does well this year.