Monday, December 1, 2008

A trio of interesting things

Thanks to CABravesFan, here's a link to the AJC pics of Javy's home. He's SO CUTE. :)

From a Phillies fan blog...

Atlanta Braves Minor Leagues – a player, who apparently will remain nameless, was told by his teammates that his hotel room in Scranton was haunted and that a ghost was going to try to kill him. His teammates even got a key to his room and re-arranged things so he would think that the ghost did it. This poor, gullible player bought into the stories and was so scared, he was ready to change hotels. Before he could, a group of players stormed his room in the middle of the night and scared the pants off him. (events reported by Blaine Boyer)
(I'd love to know who this was!)

Finally, I have a "Braves Love" Google Alert set up (just out of curiosity), and this came through today...

I am not amused that Alyssa created a Braves Love bracelet. No, I don't want one. ...I know I can't really say anything, since I don't own any licensing rights to use the Braves' name in any official / moneymaking capacity, but it still strikes me oddly.


Leah said...

LOL! I would love to know who that was, too! Hmm...maybe we should make some guesses, lol. ;)

flbravesgirl said...

Nice digs, Javy. So if they're selling this house, does that mean the new one is better? Wow.

The hotel story is hysterical.

Jenna said...

It looks like Alyssa made a "Love" bracelet for every professional team imaginable.

The hotel story is awesome! And they were in Scranton! I hope they stopped by Dunder Mifflin.