Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Spring Training pics!


And from

Frenchy looks...curvier? Not fat. Just...hourglass-shaped? Is it my imagination?


CABravesFan said...


Nothing makes me happier then seeing the boys in uniform:)
(except Mac's fluffy beard, of course;P- did I mention that I love that picture of him?)

Leah said...

Gah. Seeing that pic of Mac was definitely worth the long, unlucky winter. I just love pics like these from ST. I still see it looks as if he has no hair (or it's still buzzed), though, but I could be wrong since he does have a hat on.

And I just love his comments on Bowman's blog post:

A Braves All-Star catcher who wished to remain anonymous went one step further by saying, "Derek Lowe is the best golfer I've ever seen. But don't write that because it will make Smoltzie mad."

Mac is such a goober, but that makes me love him even more. ♥