Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Speed, defense, pop, or all-around play”

The fields are aliiiiive / with the sounds of baaaaasebaaaaaaall

The AJC had an article yesterday on our "young outfielders". Blah blah Schafer. Blah blah BJones. I don't particularly like either of them, but I do love Josh Anderson...
“To be honest with you, I expect to win a spot,” said Anderson, who hit .294 with three homers and 10 stolen bases in 40 games for the Braves in 2008. “That’s my goal. You have to think positive and set the bar high. I think I can make the team and help the team out.”
I think so too, Josh! When they give me a vote, my vote's for you. :)

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Dogs Brekky said...

Yes, Josh will be starting CF before they bring up the superkid, Schafer