Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Training '09 Day 2

Look how closely Huddy is watching... I love it.

I can almost hear him growling/grunting, can't you?

Gross. This looks like a cup of saliva. I still haven't decided if/to what level I like D-Lowe... the hairdo isn't helping his case.

MattE!! DOB's reporting that MattE has lost some weight, and I definitely see it in his face and midsection, as in this picture:

Full album from the AJC here.


In other "news", if you're a fan of our Aussie Braves, I hope you didn't miss this article on the official Braves site and the followup blog by DOB on If I didn't love Moylan before, I'd certainly love him now for calling Chipper a redneck! :D

When Moylan saw noted race fan Chipper Jones enter the clubhouse Saturday, he shouted to the third baseman, “I see how you rednecks do it now,” meaning how so many of them could watch races for hours on end. Jones just gave him a knowing smile.

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Leah said...

I agree with all those picture comments. Especially the one of Mac. ;)