Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby's first WBC homer

Video here -- hopefully the first of many! What's up with the jerk in the Mets jersey throwing the ball back? Hello, idiot, we're all on the same team right now! I hope everyone's told him how stupid that was.

(I don't hate the Mets; I have several friends who are Mets fans! But...come on!)


Leah said...

I didn't see the guy throwing the ball back, how dumb. That could have been worth something one day, not that I would ever sell it if I were the one to catch it, but still. And if Jimmy Rollins and David Wright are getting along, then Mets fans shouldn't hold grudges against USA teammates either. But I'm sure they will anyway.

Mac was really good yesterday! I wonder if he'll play tomorrow or if they'll let Ianetta play like the USA manager said he would do with swapping them out. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Also, I love his enthusiasm at the end of the game as if it were the WS. He seems to be enjoying himself.

Leah said...

Ok, not sure why I thought they played tomorrow and not tonight, nevermind that, lol.

CABravesFan said...

I thinks they (at least the announcers) said Ianetta would play tonight...

I honestly was only going to watch that WBC game because I was having serious Mac withdrawls (he makes me so happy! I seriously couldn't stop the smile the first time they shoued him on tv) and needed to see him:) It turned out to be a really good game...even better because MAC HOMERED!!!! WHOO HOO!!!

slappywhite said...

When he homered, after driving in an earlier run, I screamed, "Yea Brian, save some for the regular season too."

He really looks good. I was worried he'd look like an AIDS victim with the weight loss but he doesn't. He looks very comfortable. Now he just needs to talk to Frenchy about his attitude. (Frenchy's not Brian's.)

flbravesgirl said...

He looks really good. He didn't overdo the weight loss, this looks like what he probably should weigh.

Typical idiotic behavior from a Mets fan. Apparently he doesn't understand the "team" concept.