Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Boston Red Sox pitcher John Smoltz loses his grip and the ball flies over his head as he throws off the mound for the first time this season during a spring training baseball practice in Fort Myers, Fla. , Wednesday March 25, 2009. Smoltz, the former Atlanta Braves pitcher, had shoulder surgery last year. AP

In other news, a kid from my alma mater is pitching in Myrtle Beach this summer. I'll probably keep my eye on this one! :)


Amy said...

Oh, Smoltzie. :P The whole pitching thing generally works better with your eyes open. (Couldn't resist teasing him a bit.)

Still not used to him in that jersey.

CABravesFan said...

I stll can't look at those pictures- it's too depressing

Kolbi said...

Ha! Now we know why he wanted a contract that wasn't based on his performance... :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Lizziebeth said...

I'm sure Jennifer and I still love him <3. Goofy can be sooo cute sometimes!
But I agree the BRS uni is ill fitting.