Friday, March 27, 2009


Pretty sure I'm not going to Turner Field tomorrow. I have a cold (again! boo!), I sound like a boy, and it's not smart to be in the rain. I've got tons of good stuff to upload this weekend, so stay dry and stick around! :)


flbravesgirl said...

:-( I'm sorry you're sick & the weather stinks, Lauren. Take care of yourself & we'll be anxiously awaiting the "good stuff".

Lizziebeth said...

Bleeeech, sorry you're sick again. Definitely would not be good for you to be out in the cruddy weather expected for tomorrow. Stay warm and dry instead!

Crista Michelle said...

feel better :).

we drove by today, it was cancled anyways. kinda disappointed, kinda relieved.
Either way,
its so much fun to hear Boog and Joe. (as much as I hate Joe -.-)! I missed them!