Saturday, March 28, 2009

Susan went to Spring Training!

From her email, pictures linked below...

I wanted to share a few pics from last Saturday’s ST game.

One of my life-long dreams has been to go to spring training – and I can honestly say that it was everything I hoped for – and MORE!

Of course all the players tend to pay more attention to the kids. I understand. But I am such a kid at heart – I can’t help but be a little jealous. :)

KJ and Josh signed autographs for quite a while. KJ honestly makes my knees weak. (but not quite like Javy!) Yunie smiled and tipped his hat at me when I said “hey Esco” as he was walking by. All of the players were smiling and having fun with the crowd. It was a blast!

A few pics:

KJ’s cute chin [aww, so soft! --LT]

Josh and his bat [*giggles* --LT]

KJ about to take some guys out

Dale Murphy!

Javy wanna-be

Frenchy’s new helmet – 75?? [I have no idea! --LT]

Frenchy’s new swing? Or bathroom problems? [I swear, his 'hips' have totally filled out this offseason. --LT]

I love TP – and hat hair

Kelly smells something

Pete! With covered tats :(

Prado directing traffic

Bobby makes an appearance

Scoreboard - Braves win!

I am counting the days until the home-opener!
Aren't we all! I totally know what you mean about KJ making someone weak in the knees... he's one of the most handsome Braves up close, and his eyes try to read your soul.

Thanks for sharing, Susan! :)


Little Lady said...

Frenchy's hips have filled out because he's had an entire offseason with his wife.

Oops...did I say that out loud?

flbravesgirl said...

Thanks, Susan! Great pics. And great captions too.

Leah said...

Great pics, Susan! Love them and the captions, too.

And I believe y'all are spot on with your KJ analysis, or I think so. I've never actually met him in person, but my friend that's met him twice says y'all are right, lol.

And I'm definitely counting the days until Opening Day! And next Saturday, too!

Lizziebeth said...

Fantastic!! Thank you for sharing.