Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a handful!

Aww, I miss Teix sometimes.

Baby and Chipper both homered today (yay!), and Jake Peavy is excited to have Mac on Team USA.

“This time around, instead of going big name after big name after big name, it seems we've got some grittier, get-after-it type of players.” Peavy said. “I'm not saying we didn't have a great team assembled in '06, because we did, but we have some gritty players now. Guys like (Dustin) Pedroia and Brian McCann. They're all gamer types, dirtbag players who bring that attitude with them. That's the kind of attitude we need this time around.”
Hee, "get-after-it".

Don't forget to watch Letterman tonight! :)

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flbravesgirl said...

Hmmm. Well, I was determined to dislike Peavy but I must say he's got good taste in teammates there.