Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blaine DFA'd

It's not his time. I can't believe his roster spot was given up for freakin' Jo-Jo to come up here and suck again.

*head explodes*

"Thanks" for the tip, Amanda. ;)


Jen said...

Just read this on DOB's blog as well. I can't say I'm surprised. I just hope Jo-Jo has a good outing today...and that our offense decides to show up.

Lauren T. said...

I never said it was surprising. ;) However, I always have a hard time letting the guys I like go. The writing was on the wall when he got boo-ed at opening day. Stupid classless fans. I don't like Chipper, but I don't drown out his cheers with boos, either.

Leah said...

I like Blaine also and really hope Jo-Jo is worth the DFA of Blaine. I'm not holding my breath, of course, though. Maybe, just maybe, Blaine will pass through waivers and go to the minors at the very least.

CABravesFan said...

I think Jo Jo is a temproary fix right now...If Tommy Glavine ends up calling it quits (I really hope not!) I think we will see Tommy Hanson up before too long. I wasn't really suprised about Blaine but I have grown to like him:) and hoe we can get him through waivers and he can find whatever it is he lost...we shall see

SCJ said...

Honestly, I don't want Blaine to pass through waivers and end up in the minors. I want him to go to a team and do amazing. He deserves that. I love that boy!

And Lauren, people didn't boo blaine because they "didn't like him", they booed him because he wasn't pitching well. None-the-less, it really was classless and I was honestly shocked when I heard them.

CABravesFan said...

It's not that I want to see him in the minors...I just want him to get another shot with this team

Lauren T. said...

"And Lauren, people didn't boo blaine because they "didn't like him", they booed him because he wasn't pitching well."

I've never booed someone I like, no matter their performance. As is clear on this blog, I watch baseball differently than a lot of fans do, and just because it's different doesn't mean it's wrong.

slappywhite said...

I'm more worried about Brian's eye. They said last night he is having trouble seeing the pitcher and has started to wear a contact in one eye.

Sorry, I know, off topic.

But whatever happens to Blaine, Joseph and the Braves, I just hope it is for the best. It is a business after all, and their production is wins.

SCJ said...

I think you misinterpreted what I'm saying. But oh, well.

Point is, Blaine's gone and I wish him the best!

Amanda said...

Where did this eye thing come from with Mac? I just read that he's "very concerned" about it and has tried wearing a contact then not wearing a contact and eye drops and it's still dry in one eye, even mentioned might have to have more lasik as a last result. I know the recovery time from lasik for most people is short but still, looking at Mac's mini slump he's in right now, and I know everyone goe thru slumps so it shouldn't be too alarming except for we find out he has this eye thing going on...NOT good news. :(

Amanda said...

David O'Brien

April 18th, 2009
11:52 am

Just finished talking to McCann about his eye problem. He’s concerned, hopes that the antibiotic drops he got today will clear up the dryness he’s had in his left eye since the opening series at Philly. If not, he’ll have to consider other options, possibly more Lasik surgery as a last resort. They just don’t know right now what’s causing it, whether his eyes have changed since he had Lasik two years ago or if he has an infection or something else causing the dryness. But it’s only in his left eye.

CABravesFan said...

definitely concerned about Mac's eye...hope they figure out what is going on there

Jen said...

I'm with CA - I think the Jo-Jo thing is temporary. I don't expect him to blow us away with his performance (though I would welcome it if he did). I think Tommy Hansen will be up soon. For selfish reasons, I'm glad he wasn't called up this weekend as I'm going to see him pitch tomorrow. :)

Mac is without the contact lens today. He's now trying an ointment in his eye. :(

Amanda said...

OK not trying to be annoying with all the comments and I gotta go do laundry so I'm done after this lol but this is related to this post:

David O'Brien

April 18th, 2009
1:13 pm

Here’s something I just filed on Boyer:


Pittsburgh _ Blaine Boyer was designated for assignment by the Braves on Saturday, a move that could end the Marietta pitcher’s nine-year stint with his hometown team.

Boyer, who was out of minor-league options, can be claimed on waivers by any major league team. If he goes unclaimed, the Braves could outright him to Class AAA Gwinnett.

“Sometimes moving on to a different club is good for a guy,” manager Bobby Cox said. “Gets him some fresh air somewhere else.”

The Braves had to make a roster move Saturday to open a spot for left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes, who was recalled from Gwinnett to start Saturday afternoon’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

After struggling during the last two months of the 2008 season, Boyer was off to a rough start in 2009, posting a 40.50 ERA and .429 opponents’ average in three relief appearances.

The hard-throwing right-hander was charged with four runs while recording one out Wednesday against Florida. For the season, he had allowed three hits, six earned runs and three walks in 1-1/3 innings, and also hit a batter.

“You can start putting pounds and pounds of pressure on yourself,” Cox said.

The manager told him of the move early Saturday at PNC Park, and Boyer, 27, packed and left the ballpark before reporters entered the clubhouse.

In 25 appearances since July 26, 2008, Boyer had a 14.73 ERA and .358 opponents’ average. He pitched 18-1/3 innings during that period and was charged with 29 hits (seven homers), 30 earned runs and 10 walks in 18-1/3 innings, while recording 21 strikeouts.

Before his second-half fade, Boyer was one of the Braves’ bullpen stalwarts during the 2008 season, ranking at or near the top among major league leaders in relief appearances while posting a 3.76 ERA and .229 opponents’ average in 54 games through July 25.

The former Walton High three-sport standout was a third-round draft pick by the Braves in 2000, and spent five seasons in the minors before making 43 appearances for Atlanta in 2005. He missed most of the 2006 season after shoulder surgery, and part of the 2007 season after an oblique-muscle strain.

“He’s a great kid, and he’s got enough experience now to get it going,” Cox said. “Roger [McDowell, pitching coach] taught him a slide-step, to keep runners from just circling the bases on him. And Roger taught him a nice, tight slider, what he used to strike out [Florida’s] Cody Ross the other day.

“So he’s learning things, and he just needs to keep developing.”

What he needs to do most is throw strikes consistently. In April 8 game at Philadelphia, Boyer faced two batters with the bases loaded and walked both of them, throwing eight balls in nine pitches before he was replaced.

“That’s No. 1, no matter who you are,” Cox said. “You’ve got to throw strikes.”

Lauren T. said...

Thanks, Amanda, but next time just the link will be fine. I don't want anyone at the AJC to get upset to see their content streaming on the blog. :/

I just updated the Intro Songs thanks to a link a reader sent, and it made me sad all over again when I had to take Blaine off the 25-man roster. :(