Monday, April 20, 2009

Blaine's a Redbird

Awww, man... now how can I cheer for the Cubs if Blaine's a Cardinal? Oh well, DeRo's an Indian now, so maybe I won't follow the Cubs this year. ;) (Shhh, don't tell Jennifer.)

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Well, two good things. The St. Louis Zoo is fantastic -- I'd go all the time if I lived nearby. And we got another outfielder, which can't hurt. You never know...

Bye, Blaine. You'll be missed. :(


This is our new outfielder (thanks to Hobbes for the pic):

I still can't believe he's only one semester short of an AE degree. That is SO cool! (My brother's an AE major and has interned with Lockheed Martin for two summers and one school year now.) I wonder if he's a private pilot, too?


CABravesFan said...

looks like New Guy is going to give James Parr a run for his money in the eyebrow department! Hope young James is up to the challenge:D

CABravesFan said...

Oh and Lauren? there is no excuse, short of threats of disinheritance or death, to cheer for the cubs, DeRo or no DeRo:)