Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday night fun

Here are a few clips from last night's game. Enjoy!

KJ's wife in the crowd -- bottom right corner, long dark hair. Isn't she beautiful? Us Laurens usually are. ;) (Ha! well, she's gorgeous anyway...)

*video removed*

Frenchy's postgame interview...

*video removed*

Huddy mocks Gonzo...

*video removed*

I love it. :)


CABravesFan said...

I can't say it much do we LOVE Huddy??

He's awesome :)

Amy said...

I know! I loved him mocking Gonzo. :P

Amanda said...

LOL @ the guy just out of the camera shot behind Lauren Johnson pointing at her and giving a thumbs up. Hudson doing the Gonzo was priceless.