Sunday, April 12, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Nationals 4-11-09

Before this game, B and his B'ham boys and I stopped by Ikea and The Varsity, so we missed most of Braves BP. Fortunately, I still got a few good shots!

- Gonzo has a blow pop today!

- JB wants one too!

- Please, please tell me this isn't a dip can in MattE's back pocket. :( :(

- Yunie batting with his back pocket inside out

- Derek Lowe played left field for a little bit

- O'Flaherty and Bennett

- My two favorite crowd shots: "I KNOW IT" and "Forrest". (I really wanted to make a "Run, Forrest, run!" joke about the usual #7, but you never know who's listening and I didn't want to offend Forrest. Heh.)

Since we sat in the outfield for the game, all the pics from last night's game are pretty much from the same angle.

- Baby and Kawakami warming up! 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5

- B wanted to make sure everyone saw the stretching exercise that the Nats trainer was using to "help" the boys. Me: "There's no way their junk isn't touching!"

- While warming up their legs, MattE ran backwards right into Frenchy's outstretched hand. He recoiled in shock, and everyone seemed to think it was hilarious.

- Baby with his 2008 Silver Slugger award, which was presented to him before the game. WOO!

- No dip can here. :/

- Fun action shot

- Cotton candy, cotton candy, COTTON CANDY! (Yes, I love it. Any questions?)

- Baby and Moylan have a chat on the mound. Pete seems back on track, with three strikeouts in the 7th.

Braves win! See the full album here. :)


CABravesFan said...

mmm gonzo & blow pops:)

I can't imagine that is a dip can in good boy MattE's pocket- he doesn't seem the type

Jen said...

I shouldn't be sitting here on Easter Sunday dreaming of Gonzo and blow pops. It's so wrong...yet so very, very right. :)

CABravesFan said...


I have been thinking about it since I saw the pic- there is just something so...dirty? about it:D


Ashley said...

During the offseason, I think MattE started using a mouthguard because he was clinching his teeth when he batted. They have mentioned it a couple times on tv, so hopefully that is what is in his pocket. Dip = Ugh.

Leah said...

I believe that is his mouthguard in his back pocket.

Really good pics! :)

CABravesFan said...

Ladies I think this whole "what was in MattE's pocket" requires some further investigation. One of you needs to run a "feel test" to make sure it is not a dip can. I would do it myself but...

SCJ said...

No worries, it's his mouthguard. I took a pic. of Jordan at BP and saw his mouthguard & on the broadcast they talked about Jordan getting one because matty had one.

Lauren T. said...

Yay, I'm so glad it's a mouth guard! I might need to check it for myself, just to make sure. ;)

flbravesgirl said...

It's the mouthguard. He doesn't need to break that tooth again.

Amanda said...

Uh what is Krotchman doing in that pic? Stop looking at MattE's butt and check THAT out. LOL!

Jen said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Amanda. Now I have visions of Krotchman adjusting his...uh...krotch in my head. :)

Amanda said...

LOL sorry, it was the 1st thing I noticed when I looked at the pic.