Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting to know Charlie Morton!

GC: You take your guitar with you on road trips, so music also must be a big interest?

CM: I enjoying expressing myself in music and I like listening to a lot of different kinds. If I had the time, I'd like to go to music school for producing or engineering or something like that.

GC: Have you ever been in a band?

CM: Just fooling around, but I've performed a couple of times. Mostly at bars and stuff. I love music.

GC: I understand that one of your performances was at the wedding of Chuck James, your former teammate. How was that?

CM: It was pretty cool. He let me play the first dance between he and his wife. I wrote a song and played it for them. It was an honor. Chuck is a real close friend. We go way back.

GC: Are there any other guitar players on the G-Braves?

CM: Alvin Colina picked up my guitar and played. James Parr plays.

GC: I'd guess that your music helps kill some of the down time that a baseball player has, especially on road trips. Is that the case?

CM: It's better than just watching TV or playing video games. It relaxes me and takes me somewhere else. It gives me an outlet and I think you need that.
Full interview in the Gwinnett Daily Post. I know Charlie's a AAA guy right now, but I still heart him and am excited for him to rejoin the big league club. Maybe he could sing a little for us on Braves Live? Please? I mean, they did part ways with OKT... I feel like they owe us something. ;)

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Amy said...

I love Charlie. He's just completely adorable and awesome.