Monday, April 27, 2009

Video hosting

Hi Lovvies,

Well, we've run into another problem with the video hosting services. Since I don't have "the express written consent of Major League Baseball and the Atlanta Braves", our videos have been removed from a remote hosting site yet again, and the account has been closed. While I understand why -- it's not my original content and I'm not paying MLB/the Braves for the rights to stream their content -- I don't really understand why those of you who don't have access to local cable shouldn't be allowed to see an occasional Braves Live interview. I've never recorded and rebroadcast an entire game or program; I just offer bits and pieces that I feel draw more fans into the game!

If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them. Sites I cannot use include YouTube, Google,, and while Photobucket works (for now), the video quality is very poor. I am not interested in selling the blog, selling the rights to the blog, or having the entire blog hosted on another website. I just need a place for our videos or the videos are going to completely stop. The hosting site will need to be able to handle a lot of traffic and multiple viewings of each video (yes, I know you all do that!), and the videos range in length from approximately 10 seconds to 4 minutes. I am certain that other mainstream sites -- Tinypic, MySpace, Facebook, etc. -- will shut the videos down just as quickly as YouTube does.

Please email me with suggestions or post them in the comments. Thank you for your contributions to this community!



Leah said...

I was googling options and found this post with the Top 31 Alternatives to Youtube (video hosting sites) on a site. I think you should have a look, as the post lists a variety of different sites you could check out. Some of those I'm not sure about, but I thought you could look them over when you had the time.

I'll look around some more and if I find any other options I'll let you know. :)

CABravesFan said...

Don't know much about all this (or if all those pesky copyright laws would get in the way) but this is the link to a site that hosts some of the video we post on my company's (we actually post from a secondary source but the video is actually hosted here...)- ignore the part about the Euros... :P

donna91822 said...

I can't believe this!

THis is JUST my luck. I just purchased speakers for my computer because I was so sick of watching the videos with no sound.

I get them today in the mail, and then this happens!

I can't believe that this is happening! For New York die hard Braves fans, this site is SO great because I don't have access to ANY of the pre-game interviews, braves live etc.

I pay $189.00 a season to watch all of the Braves games, and even then, I only get Joe and Boog maybe once a week and if I don't, I am stuck with the opposing teams commentators...(who such by the way) and to top it all off, I am not guaranteed any game, so most of the weekend games if they are matinee, I can't even watch.

I literally sit in front of my computer hitting refresh on ESPN...I KNOW...its pathetic.

But anyways, my point being that all of the added extras that your site provides is SO great for people like me who otherwise wouldn't be able to watch them, let alone know they existed!!!

Hope you find a solution, or else I will be one lonely braves fan :).

dan&dan said...

You could buy very cheap off-shore (servers located in countries who don't have the same copyright laws as the US) web hosting just for the vids and host them yourself if all else fails... that way they can't get you. :)