Friday, April 17, 2009

What's going to happen with Blaine?

I rarely comment on the AJC blog, but I do like to skim through the comments for DOB / Carroll's insights. Sometimes they put in some fun behind-the-scenes stuff! However, yesterday's post and the 11 pages of comments (as of 9am-ish today) are really down on one of my favorite guys.

Those of you who know me know that, while I try to be tactful, sometimes I have a hard time sugarcoating things. ;) But somehow, an attack on one of my favorite players can feel personal, and I posted this comment as an opposing view of...well... all the other commenters there who seem to have it out for Blaine.

I’m a little amused at how many people here seem to think Blaine Boyer should be sent down to AAA, not realizing (or not understanding the concept) that he is out of options. I like Blaine. He seems like a good guy. I don’t see this “ego” that some have referenced, and I think he has an enormous amount of potential.

However…something’s not clicking. I don’t know if he needs a private pitching coach, if he needs tough love, or if tough love doesn’t work and he is reacting poorly to so many fans dogging him.

He was overused last year in an extreme way, and it got to the point where, instead of being excited to see him take the mound, I would get worried, thinking he was going to throw his arm out eventually. You can’t trot a relief pitcher out there in half the games and expect him to be fine and dandy every single time. Blaine seemed to be one of Bobby’s favorites last year, but his 2009 performance isn’t living up to his potential… and I can see Bobby losing patience.

I’m curious to know if Blaine took the charter with the team yesterday, or if he’s at home right now, awaiting the word. If he is DFA’ed, I can’t imagine he’ll slip through waivers. Too many teams need pitchers, and he wouldn’t be the first pitcher to leave Atlanta and succeed elsewhere (Devine, Davies, etc.).

I’m still not ready to let him go, especially for Jo-Jo to take his roster spot! I don’t trust Jo-Jo as far as I could throw him.
*deep breath* I need something to make me smile again. Maybe this picture, swiped from a Baby Braves Facebook group?

Well, it doesn't help a lot, but I still love those two. :)


Lauren T. said...

Some follow-up comments at the AJC, specifically about what I wrote:

ease19 - 4.17.09 - 9:57am

Original Jon - 4.17.09 - 10:10am

Anonymous said...

Here here, Lauren!
Personally, I think that Blaine's first horrid performance in Philly was the result of nerves being under pressure (and simply being in Philly). From that outing and being booed at the Home Opener (which made me very disappointed in our fans), it's messed with his head. And baseball--particularly pitching--is largely psychological. He seems like the type who wants to do so well to redeem himself, that he may try TOO hard and continue to do poorly. I think he needs to take some time to work with Roger or another coach and get some confidence and adjust some things so we can see Blaine at his full potential.

Amanda said...

I honestly don't care one way or the other if he stays or goes but I do think part of the problem is BC leaving him out there on the ropes when he's clearly struggling.

I don't get why BC allowed the marlins to get 4 runs in 1/3 inning off him before deciding 'oh hey,you know, maybe I need to take him out!' That, for me, is soooo frustrating! Nobody should be left out there like that unless its the 15th inning and there is absolutely nobody left in the pullpen.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amanda, I strongly agree. It isn't just with Blaine that this happens. That's probably my biggest frustration with Bobby; he'll leave pitchers out there when they clearly either don't have it that night or are worn out and it almost always proves costly. As much as I love and respect Bobby, there were several games last year that I felt it was his fault we lost instead of the team's.