Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yoga = awesome

Look at MattE, doing a Cobra pose. He's all chillin' at second base, doin' some yoga, while this doof in the background is trying to pull our attention away. It's not working!!

He had a double and his home run scored all our runs of the game. Remind me again, Bobby, why you don't want MattE to play every day? He certainly doesn't suck!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about MattE. Garrett Anderson has yet to impress me. He hasn't shown the skill or the heart that Matt does. A lot of people complain that he (Anderson) doesn't show enough emotion. To that I say, guys like Chipper and KJ don't really show much emotion either. But I never get the sense that they couldn't care less when I'm watching them play.

CABravesFan said...

MattE = Awesome :D

I love that smile!!

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm still waiting for Garret Anderson to impress me, too. Maybe he's just slow to get acclimated to the new team and new league, maybe the fact that his spring training was a)cut a little short by his late signing and b)mostly spent injured has something to do with it, as well. *shrug*

But I'd just as soon have Matt starting every day or perhaps have kept Kotsay to platoon w/him (though that's my personal preference, and thus is not purely logical... and of course, Kots is on the DL anyway. Sigh.)

ajgc said...

MattE....*sigh*. So adorable and he's good. Come on Bobby!!