Sunday, April 26, 2009

"You can't fill his shoes, that's for sure"

Our awesome catchers were interviewed before today's game about how to fill BMac's shoes while he's out...

*video removed*

Later in Braves Live, D-Lowe was interviewed. See the butt cutt? *sigh* I need to refer him to my hair guy.

*video removed*

Finally, check out Ross doing the robot in the dugout. Awesome, I like him now! (I always liked him generically because he is a catcher, but didn't really have a reason to like Ross specifically. Here it is!)

*video removed*

ps -- Dear FSN/FSS camera operators: while we love the pre- and post-game interviews, please back the zoom out just a little. No one looks good with the camera that close to their schnozz.

1 comment:

CABravesFan said...

Do we not have the best looking group of catchers in the majors?

And really, how cute is D Lowe when he's talking about his dad? (Lauren I am all for introducing him to your hair guy :D)

I will second the pulling back of the cameras just a little...especially in the locker room...when doing interviews with shirtless guys (note: NOT CHINO!)