Saturday, May 30, 2009

Atlanta Braves Straight Up 3

Yay, videos!

Singing / Music
(I could listen to Charlie sing all day, even with his "it's 8am and I'm doing a video interview" scratchy voice!)

First Dates / Kissin' / Worst Job
(Aww, poor MattE and the port-a-potty.)

Video Games / Hobbies / Things to Do
(I'm picturing Karen from "The Office" doing devil horns and saying, "CALL OF DUTY!!!")

Desert Island / Funniest Teammate
("I heard what you said about me, MattE.")

I was a tiny bit disappointed this time around. No Huddy! Very few players had interviews air, and it felt like it turned into the Peter Moylan show. Not that he's not entertaining, but come on -- there are 25 guys on the roster. I want to hear about Yunie's first date! ;)

ETA: An unofficial video of the very end of the show, incl. outtakes. "No, it wasn't Catie!" - haha. Also, could Mac have hugged Kelly longer? Or snugglier? :D



CABravesFan said...

Too many things to comment on so I will just say Lauren, you are AWESOME!! Thanks!

(OK I will add this...
Things that made my heart melt:
1. JJ calling Huddy "Timmy" and pretty much everything else about him
2. Charlie
3. Mac blushing (never get tired of seeing that!)
4. Gonzo & his awesome hair (for an entirely different reason then points 1-3 ;) )

Jessica said...

CABravesFan, I completely agree with all of those things...and I have to say I also found DLowe endearing with his honesty. As long as he keeps that hat on :)

Anonymous said...

As a Braves fan from way the hell up north, thank you so much for posting these. I get most of what I can about the boys from your blog. Thank the gods for you and Extra Innings!

Leah said...

I agree about there not being a lot of players' answers to the questions on the show this year. Last year they did try to incorporate almost all of the guys at least once in different questions.

Amanda said...

Finally! I'm so glad the non South Braves fans finally get to see this. I think I described everything I could remember to cabraves on the ajc blog lol.

After seeing this I loved Jair, Matty and DLowe more than ever and Chipper too. "That came with the territory." Heh.

And Moylan totally skeeves me out every time he's on one of these things.

flbravesgirl said...

Y'all are making me very jealous that I can't these darn things to play.

flbravesgirl said...

Can't get them to play... but I keep trying

Lauren T. said...

Try this link?

Sarahaw said...

The part when Chipper said Moylan was the ugliest SOB he had ever seen, about made me die laughing!!! hahaha

moatsak said...

I agree I was dissappointed this time around. Particularly on the number of guys included...why were NONE of the Latin guys included?? (no, Gonzo & Diaz don't qualify in my book) You'd think there were only 6-7 guys on the team if this was all you knew! Also, there was way too much Jerome, sorry, but this show doesn't need to be hosted.

flbravesgirl said...

Yay! They finally worked! First time I've gotten to see anything like that (don't get this stuff in Florida).

Mac was so sweet, not wanting to tell about the first kiss. Awww.

Amanda said...

See that left me wondering if Ashley is the only girl he ever dated. Does anyone know? If thats the case...thats kind of ... sad?

I love her though, she's my favorite braves wife. I didn't mean that in any derogatory way what so ever, its just rare to hear of someone married the only person they ever dated. Not that theres anything wrong with that!

Lauren T. said...

I'd be willing to put every penny I have on the fact that Ashley isn't the only woman he's ever been with. She may have been his first and the woman he married, but... no, I don't think so.

Amanda said...

Well Lauren, umm how can ... yeah. There's a big difference in "Woman he's been with" and "woman he's date" lol. I mean, I figured she wasn't the only one he's uh... "been with". LOL :D

Lauren T. said...

Ha! :D Very true -- I do wonder how many official girlfriends he's had, and I wonder if he and Ashley were ever broken up, but I suppose that now that they're married, it doesn't matter. I'm just being nosy; it's really none of my business!