Monday, May 25, 2009

Braves American Idol

I've had this story up for a few days and keep forgetting to link to it. MattE himself would sing Billy Joel's "Piano Man", but as for who he'd choose to perform on AI...

Matt Diaz, LF, Braves: "I would pick a combination of [Brian] McCann and [Jeff] Francoeur. Francoeur tends to get all the words right, but can't sing a lick. McCann can actually carry a tune, but he never knows the words. They would sing some mixture of rap and country. They have no idea. Listen to their intro songs."
Ha! I love MattE for telling us things like this.

Speaking of being gangsta...
Kawakami hasn’t quite lived up to expectations yet, but the dude’s livin’ large. First, he bought a mansion in the north Atlanta suburbs that had belonged to rapper Bow Wow. And last week, Kawakami bought a black Maserati.
Anyone who’s met Kawakami and talked to him (albeit through a translator, as K.K. speaks very little English) would probably smile while conjuring an image of this seemingly shy, soft-spoken Japanese pitcher living in Bow Wow’s old crib and driving a shiny new Maserati.
”Yeah, he’s straight gangsta,” reliever Peter Moylan said of Kawakami. (Moylan was smiling when he said that.)

That's freakin' awesome. Bow Wow lived in the Duluth Country Club, not far from Andruw!


Anonymous said...

Kawakami seems like a sweet heart and the mental thought of him living in a rapper's mansion...haha!!

And yes, Frency= comletely tone deaf. I'm curious about BMac's singing voice now.

CABravesFan said...

The day someone gets Mac to sing in public (and I mean actually sing, not mumble through a song while turning a shade of red as yet undiscovered in nature) is the day I can die a happy girl!! ;)

Leah said...

I think he actually did sing with Frenchy, among other things and more than likely a bit wasted, at his bachelor party (or so it seems) at Wild Bills at a Tracy Lawrence concert. I think Frenchy talked him into it, though. Oh, the things you can find on myspace and the internet. CA (or anyone else), if you wanna see the pics, let me know. Some of them are not exactly appropriate to post on here, lol. ;) Here's a little preview of one of the less inappropriate ones.

flbravesgirl said...

I can imagine that Mac could sing decently, his speaking voice is easy on the ears. I cannot imagine that we would ever actually hear him sing though.

And one big giggle at the KK story.

CABravesFan said...


Yes I want to see them!

Drunk Mac cracks me up;)

Leah said...

CA, what's your e-mail?

CABravesFan said...


just sent you an e-mail