Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Mets 5-4-09

Thanks to all my family and friends who went to the game last night -- it was great to have you there -- and thanks to That Braves Guy for helping us with some steeply discounted tickets! Now, let's look at some pictures. There are fewer than usual because of the crowd that was around, but hopefully you'll enjoy them. :)

I don't know that many of the pictures need explanation. There's a set of pictures of some guys looking at Jeff Bennett's arm, and those made me nervous. Campy was the only one with a blow pop. Baby hung out at second base, Buddy played catch with kids, Gonzo likes to check out what's going on in the stands.

And, as you can see in many pictures, if this team held the Butt Olympics, O'Flaherty might eek past Bennett for the gold medal! Watch out, Jeff!


The drill's bit is...not holding up well. Is there such thing as a costume fluffer? Maybe we should hire one. ;)

PS -- The Mets fan in the album is by far the most annoying Mets fan I've ever come across, and her antics very nearly ruined my birthday celebration. I did not appreciate the way she chose to cheer on her team.

PPS -- These pin-up girl powder room towels were my birthday present from my friend Holly. I've wanted them forever, and I think they're SO cute!


CABravesFan said...

Dear Drill bit-

they make a pill for that...look into it :)


flbravesgirl said...

Snicker. (CA, you crack me up.)

Glad you got to hang with family & friends & our boys for your birthday, Lauren. Sorry the game wasn't better.

ajgc said...

Hope you had a great birthday regardless of the game........

And the butt shots- FABULOUS!!!!

Amanda said...

Those towels are adorable! I need those to match my Marilyn in a bubble bath poster I have in one of my bathrooms.

Mets girl even LOOKS annoying.

Glad you had a good birthday, in spite of the Mets. :)