Sunday, May 17, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Diamondbacks 5-16-09

Dear Braves,

Thank you for giving my friend Kristen and I free tickets for our respective birthdays in the Golden Moon Casino Level. We had a lot of fun, even if the results of the game weren't as we hoped.



Dear Lovvies,

Please take advantage of this program! Just go to for more information and for your free ticket!



I had a busy day yesterday and wasn't able to go early for BP, but hopefully the pics I did snag will be interesting enough.

A lone rose in Mechanicsville.

Typo! Typo! Two in one day!

Chipper and Yunie got picked off in the first, a bad start to the game: video

The GMC Level has some really great food options. I ended up with chicken nachos and my friend had BBQ. We talked about the pasta bar, but that was all the way on the other side. :D That's on my list to try one day.

Jo-Jo wasn't happy to be in the bullpen. This lucky shot is just for you Gonzo-lovers:

Norton and Schafer

The Tools get ready for their race. Drill totally knows how popular he is now -- watch him strut!

An umpire got dinged during an AB.

The crowd goes crazy for BMac:


Jeff Bennett in to pitch:

Anyone recognize his intro music? It just sounds like "generic rock song" to me, but then, I rarely listen to rock... is now bilingual, one of the signs at the park told us. pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ totally random pic 3 that showed up right after 1 and 2

A fan threw a baseball onto the field. Schafer looked in that direction, appeared to see it, and didn't go remove it. A little bit later, Frenchy ran over and tossed it back into the stands -- to a random fan and not the jerk who threw the ball onto the field during play.

What's the snack bag that the rookies are forced to carry to and from the bullpen called? The Barbie bag, or something? This year's bag is baby blue with pink straps -- sorry you can't see it clearly in this picture.

Full album here. We lost horribly, but it was still a fun time. Thanks again, Braves! See you soon!

PS -- I updated the intro songs with Frenchy's and Baby's new songs, as well as a correction for Garret. :) I can't believe Baby's batting to the Black Eyed Peas now.


Crista Michelle said...

I was there last night too.

I didn't catch some of it because I was with a friend who wasn't all that into it, so we probably had more fun the most of the other fans (:p)

but i'm pretty sure Moylan heard me yelling at my friend near the bullpen, which was awesome but embarassing.

If he doesn't know who I am by now, I think I should be seriously
concerned ;)

Crista Michelle said...

ohhh! Quick question!

Did you see Brendan on the big screen?

that's the third time this year he's been on there :D

slappywhite said...

I'm sure JoJo isn't happy to be in the bullpen. If I had my way, he'd either be in AAA or DFA. He seems so smug to me.

And the nachos looked great, made me hungry.

Anonymous said...

Gals, we need to find out more about Martin Prado's different secret handshakes. I was at the game Friday and from my seat I could see into the dugout really well and--um, Martin's handhake with Frenchy featured a bump n' grind. Yeah. Also I saw him doing some kind of dance with Chipper of all people! Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. So, I'm very curious about this now.

Amy said...

I was there last night, too. They seemed to be having issues with all the video/message boards from time to time.

I was pleased to see that they blacked out the price on the bag of Frito's during the higher/lower game.

Lauren T. said...

Crista, I didn't see Brendan. :( Amy, I did see that the blacked the price out! The contestant didn't get a single one right! *sigh*

flbravesgirl said...

Thanks, Lauren! Dad & I tried to see them today... :-( . Rain outs are not cool, particularly when you drive 2 hours to get there.

flbravesgirl said...

Very random/ off-topic: My dad was just flipping through the radio stations, stopped on a song that caught his ear & when it was over the DJ said it was Jonny Diaz. Matty's brother! The bit I heard sounded good.

Roman Gal said...

I really like the "Norton and Schafer" picture. The point of view is phenomenal ;)

Tara said...

Ok, so is Jonny Diaz REALLY Matt's brother?? I LOVE Jonny Diaz. He's a Christian singer, and he has some really good stuff! Wow, I love him even more if this is true!

Also, Lauren, I saw the ball get thrown on the field as well. I was two rows off the field down below you. Just beside the bullpen. Anyway, I wish you would've gotten a shot at Frenchy's response - much better than Schaffer. He laughed at the crowd and waved it off a couple times before he gave up and went to get it.

Lauren T. said...

Tara, I couldn't see Frenchy's reaction very well -- I did see him waving, though! Did you catch all the bullpen guys watching the Bloopers on the big screen? It's like time stood still for them. :D

Tara said...

No, I totally missed that! I was too engrossed in them myself! haha. They were hilarious!!! I'm going back June 3rd. Bring on the cubbies! I'm gonna miss seeing dero though! :(