Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Know Your Braves: Peter Moylan

The AJC took away the "embed" link, but you can still watch Pete's interview by clicking here.

1. The teeth are distracting.

2. His "current" girlfriend? That came off a bit oddly...don't know if he meant it that way.

3. David Ross is AWESOME. I can't wait for his interview.


Leah said...

I'm guessing with a lot of people embedding the videos it puts a lot on their servers maybe? Who knows? That's too bad, though.

Moylan is just..I don't even know the word. He's not your traditional "cutie" but he has qualities that just make him likable. ;)

Can't wait to see Ross' video! He really is turning out to be quite the character and he's a great all-around catcher. He fits right in. So glad we got him!

Jen said...

Love Pete, but the teeth need some work.

I loved me some David Ross before, but the rapping just set him over the edge! :)

Amanda said...

I haven't watched yet but I agree with #1 ... and the little collage of pics the AJC put up to promote this....um....yeah.

CABravesFan said...

apparently today is the day I swear a lot on the blog (as opposed to the days I swear a lot in real life-anyways, you HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Holy S*it, how cute is David Ross rapping??

I could listen to Pete and that amazing Aussie accent ALL DAY!!

Never tried it but have heard Vegimite is the most hidious thing EVER...Pete, come on man, that has to be a better Aussie food you can eat!

I am realy bummed he has a new girl (he's not gorgeous but I love him and would totally go out with him if he asked!)