Saturday, May 2, 2009

Locker-Room Confidential

We've heard that there's an interview coming out in GQ about Jeff Bennett's barber skills, and I'm wondering if this site leaked the whole thing or just part of it? I checked the May GQ while at the grocery and I didn't see anything about our favorite seed-cheeked reliever. Let's keep our eyes out for the June issue!


Amanda said...

Oh really!? Jeff Bennett in GQ? Huh. My son subscribes to GQ, he just got a new one the other day with Zac Effron on the cover, I guess it was the May one but I'll check. In any case, I'll be looking for it and send scans to you for the site.

Lauren T. said...

I certainly think he's cute enough to be in GQ, but it sounds like they're highlighting his barber skills. The one I skimmed in the grocery store also had Zac Efron on the cover, so maybe we should watch for next month's issue?

Lauren T. said...

Boy, that sounded snotty. It wasn't directed at you, Amanda! I'm just having a rough day today and I unintentionally typed in a rude way. :(

I have had people question my JB love before, though -- for the record, he dumped Pete Moylan out of my Top 3 Braves list last year, when I saw him hop into the stands during BP to snuggle on his little girl. He's cute, he's a great pitcher, and he seems like one of "the good guys". Now, if he'd just replace those sunflower seeds with a Blow Pop... :D

Amanda said...

LOL I didn't think anything about it, I was just more surprised that someone as ... not well known? as Jeff would be in GQ, wasn't thinking about it from a looks standpoint at all.

I'll definitely look for it in the upcoming issues and scan it for you to put up on the site. :)

PS - that's a sweet pic of him and his girl. Nothing sexier than a man who loves his kids.

CABravesFan said...


Oh, but there is something sexier...a man that loves his kids and likes blow pops! YUM ;)

Amanda said...

Ah! Yes. You got me there.