Friday, June 26, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Yankees 6-25-09

Happy Father's Day, Dad! This was his gift from my brother and I -- tickets to see his favorite teams play. He grew up watching the Yankees as a kid, since they were the only team broadcast on tv...hmm, much like now! ;) We arrived early for BP and he decided he was going to "catch a home run" for me. This is the result, hee hee.

Crista came by and sat with me for a little while, and I got to meet her adorable nephew. I don't think we saw anything special, really -- no blow pops, no tackling each other. I took far too many pictures of Bennett's broken hand and noticed Omar has the blue cast off and was wearing a similar wrap to Bennett. Really, the only interesting things that happened during Braves BP was in the transition to Yankees BP: when the Yankees officially took the field, the crowd roared for them...and Gonzo and Teix shook hands three different ways, as if they didn't want to stop touching each other? As CABravesFan said, "Do you blame them?" Heh, no, I don't.

Oh, and Joe Girardi - the Yankees manager - patrolled center during BP. I think that's super cool.

Moving on...

- My dad and I settled at a picnic table with our hot dogs between BP and the game, and I didn't realize until after we sat down that we were facing the Southwest gate (where the media enter and players have a special box where they leave tickets). A couple came in, and the man was wearing a #32 jersey, and I swear, he looked like an older D-Lowe when you looked straight-on into his face. Think this was his dad?

- Vader 77 (haha, dork! I kinda love it.)

- MEET CHIPPER (already did, thanks, don't care to again)

- Teix stretching, pic 1 and pic 2

- I don't have a picture to share, but it's worth mentioning that Moylan's famous (infamous?) "current girlfriend" Mandy sang the national anthem. Cute, non-descript, cool tat on the inside of her wrist.

- This lady liiiiikes Tommy Hanson!

- Jeter patted Baby on the shoulder as he came up to bat. Hee.

- Teix's...adjustments. 1 ~ 2

- This is when we knew it would be bad.

- New Javy pinch hit! Well, pinch walked. ;)

- Stinkiest ballpark snack ever. I prefer savory foods, so this cinnamon-sugar? pretzel really made me nauseous.

Since my dad had had an occupational accident at work that day, was tired, and had to be back at work at 7am today, we left as Manny Acosta came in to pitch. I really enjoyed going to a game with him, showing him the players' cars (he thinks Chipper's truck is appropriate), and hearing his funny jokes all night. I tweeted a few of them, and some were a little more corny ("What's the Golden Moon Hotel & Casino? If you go there, does a blonde guy moon you?"). Hee. Here's the full album, and below is the Home Depot Tool Race. Drill finally won when I was there!! Go Drill!!


Amanda said...

Great pics and you always write the best little recaps, hope we get to meet you on the 18th!

CABravesFan said...

love the pics as always (ahem) and thanks for the shout out :) If I were Gonzo or Teix, I would want to hug me too

Leah said...

Great pics as usual! I can't wait until we go on July 18th.

Jessica said...

I have to say, I don't like the Yankees very much (especially when they beat us), but I think Girardi is HOT!

Jo said...

I think that's Brett Gardner patrolling the OF, not Giradi. They do look very similar though. :D

flbravesgirl said...

Even Jeter loves Baby. Aww. Much as I hate to admit it about a Yankee, he's a nice guy.

CABravesFan said...


If I could actually type what I wanted to about Captain Derek Jeter, Lauren might ban me from the blog... :)

Lauren T. said...

Jo, I heard someone call him "Joe", so that's why I was pretty sure it's Mr. Girardi. :)

CA, we all have irrational hate for certain players. ;)

Jo said...
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flbravesgirl said...

Oh, I think he's ridiculously overhyped. But he has a good reputation locally (since they train in Tampa I have to hear about them excessively) & my best friend dealt with him almost daily in the course of her work during ST the past several years. And she wasn't in awe or anything 'cause she knows nothing about baseball & had to be told who he was.