Thursday, July 2, 2009

C'mon baby...let's do The Twist!

I won't have time to edit the gameday pics from tonight until this weekend, but here's a hilarious one I had to share. The loudspeakers were playing oldies during BP, and as Chubby Checker's Twist blasted, lovvie Kris Medlen started twisting at Manny Acosta as Acosta ran by. Naturally, I didn't see Acosta crack a smile, but he did give Kris a high-five. :D

Kris was still twisting. Good times. :)


flbravesgirl said...

I love that kid. He's having too much fun to be getting paid for this.

Roman Gal said...

Kris Medlen makes my day!!

The Drill said...

I really hope you were able to get the video of the tool race from last night. It was epic.

Lauren T. said...

Hi Drill -- I sure did! That was the BEST. :D <3

I'm going to Chattanooga today, and if I get back in time tonight, I'll put it (and the other pics and vids) up tonight. Odds are pretty good it'll be tomorrow morning, though. :)

The Drill said...

Awesome! That sounds great!
Funny story: Right before the race Medlen came by and we tried to get him to run the race with us. He said he really wanted to and that he was going to ask if he could. If he would have gotten permission then he could have been involved in the crash.