Saturday, July 4, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Phillies 7-2-09

It's always fun to see a division rival! Let's start with BP pics. :)

- McFrenchy hanging out

- JJ brought Kris a water, aww

- Gonzo's blow pop, 1 and 2

- Gonzo worked on a new handshake with Boone Logan:

- Kawakami's interpretor warmed up with KK.

- Rossy and O'Flaherty

- Kris picked this little girl out of the crowd and tossed a ball to her. <3

- The broken-hand boys

- Kris' back pockets!

- Cole Hamels! (not picking his nose)

Between BP and the game, Jenna and I walked around a little...

- My favorite ad in the stadium

- The Cow.

- Bye, Coke bottle.

- A nice little video about our Bullpen Boys played before the game. I'm sad they couldn't have interviewed everyone in the 'pen, but O'F was cute, as usual. :)

Game time!

- Prado's cute pic

- Bennett hung out with the security guard for a lot of the game. What's that on his wrist? Jenna and I joked it was some kind of fancy Game Boy. :D

- Phillies' dranks

- Jenna got this puzzle before any letters went up. Smart girl!

- A couple of people have asked if I got a second job working in the Suntrust Club. No, but now I see who you're talking about! This girl does resemble me from afar.

- Roger always puts both hands so far into his pockets. :)


- Mystery Brave! Hints ~ Answer

- Spray of Gas South fireworks after each Braves pitcher records a strikeout

- "Cause I'm TNT / I'm dy-na-mite!"

- JJ pinch-runs for Baby. Good call there. :D

- Former Braves backup catcher Paul Bako! He looks old.

- Tool Race! Drill biffs it -- I love it. :D

- Soriano's intro

Braves win!! Good game, good game. (Watch for Baby's hug on Rossy.)

Post-game fireworks show! I took three little videos and smashed them together:

As usual, some of the Braves / wives / kids / friends were down on the field. I could only identify a few of the people on the field, but holy cow, how cute is this little girl in the fluffy pink skirt?! (I think I know who she belongs to. What a doll!) :) Also, I think the one in the navy tank and cuffed jeans in this pic is Mandy, Pete's "current girlfriend". Can anyone verify?

Finally, in commemoration of the fireworks-shooting Coke bottle, we received 8oz bottles of Coke as we left, and the bottle's label is modeled after the bottle. I hear the new Coke bottle will be amazing -- I hope so!

Full album here.

ETA: Turkey underwear interview!


SCJ said...

Apparently pete's GF sang the National Anthem a few games ago. Anyone there for that?

Jessica said...

Great pics/videos, Lauren! I love the relievers' intros. Are those new this year?

Lauren T. said...

SCJ, maybe you missed that post, but I was there for the game when Mandy sang the national anthem.

Jessica, the closer has had an intro video since Smoltz was our closer, but I don't remember other relievers having one until this year. They don't all have an intro video, either. ;)

Rachel C said...

Is that you saying that the Gonzo-Logan handshake is "really gay?"

Um...unless they're making out or something, it's not a 'gay' handshake. Perhaps you meant 'stupid' or 'silly'?? Using Gay as a synonym for words like that is cruel and just perpetuates hatred.

That's my 2 cents.

Lauren T. said...

That was a woman sitting beside me in the stands. I didn't know her, and she was talking to me before I started making the video. I don't know how to edit out the sound.

Maybe she'll see your comment. Thanks for adding it.

Lauren T. said...

I edited a random "hip hop" sound from Photobucket over the video. For the record, two of my gay friends who saw the video laughed and agreed with the random fan.

Lizziebeth said...

Awesome stuff grrrrl!! I'll have to send you a pic I got of Tommy H giving a little boy a ball in BP on Wednesday. You did a lot this day!