Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google Good Times

We need to talk about something fun this afternoon, don't we! :)

People type all sorts of things into search engines, and people arrive at this blog after searching for all sorts of Braves-related (and not so Braves-related!) things. The following are from the last week (7/3 - 7/9):

Top 5 Searches

1. braves love
2. peter moylan mandy
3. braveslove
4. atlanta braves straight up
5. catie mccoy

Other ...interesting... searches

home depot tool race braves
- Rad. :D
- I don't know how this led to my blog, much less how it was searched for FIVE TIMES in the last week and still landed here, but EW GROSS, CHIPPER NEEDS TO WEAR MORE CLOTHES THAN THIS ALL THE TIME ALWAYS.

kris medlen girlfriend
- I heard she's cute!

charles kelley shirtless
- Have no idea who this is, but three searches led people here?

our katy temple
- Miss you, OKT! <3

braes lvoe
braves lov
braves love blg
braves lvoe
vraves love
- Did schools stop teaching spelling?

braves my little pony

braveslove blogs lauren t.
- That's...specific and weird.

brian mccann balding
- Yeah he is! :D

lindstrom mariners mormon missionary
- This isn't a Marlins blog, but yes, Matt Lindstrom (the Marlins' closer) is LDS and took two years off to serve a mission in Sweden.

- I...don't know.

what are the girls who dance on the dugouts at braves games called
- The Tomahawk Team. (Don't call them cheerleaders!)

yunel escobar frosted tips
- Gross, huh?

There were a lot of other searches, mostly ones that involve a player's name and "gay" or "homosexual", but as far as I know, there aren't any Friends of Dorothy on the team. If there were, that would be totally cool. (There is a gay former Brave, who I personally saw holding hands with his boyfriend at a charity event a couple of years ago.) ;)


CABravesFan said... Really, Chipper, look into pants :)

Amanda said...

LMAO I'm sorry. But I did me posting that pic in the comments (and i know its my link because for some weird reason my tinypic is in spanish) lead people to search for that specific link here? Weird.

Also weird is braves love lauren t. Hmmmmm.

I miss OKT too.

Kris's girlfriend is cute, they talked to her and his parents on SS or PTV whichever the night he debuted in ATL. She was really blonde, cute, and bubbly. They match.

slappywhite said...

I have heard rumors about the ex Brave and who he is- I would never out him. But that is great that he and his bf can be out like that.

MollyG said...

that picture of Chipper is awful, I'm suprised he posed for that.

ajgc said...

Seriously! Puts some pants on man!

(and he has moobs) ha!