Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baseball, ADHD link two Braves

There was a great article in the AJC today about Lowe, LaRoche, and their ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADD (no hyperactivity) when I was 12; I've never opted for medication and I've learned to live with the symptoms. It's led to the occasional awkward situation at work, where I've completely forgotten a major step of a project or I've had to ask someone to repeat what they just said when I've been looking at them the entire time, but it's not really so bad. :)

I love that MLB players are willing to talk about their battles with ADHD, and I hope their stories help families recognize the symptoms in their kids or help people recognize symptoms in themselves. Awareness is a huge part of the battle. :)


Jessica said...

I love that DLowe reached out to LaRoche, even before they were teammates. And, I'm lovin' the chemistry on this team. Fun to watch!

Leah said...

I have the same type of ADD without the hyperactivity and I do those same things. I took medicine for a while after I was diagnosed in the 9th grade, but have since stopped taking it. I think it's cool, too, for players to speak out about it.