Saturday, August 8, 2009

Images from last night

So how many lovvies made it through the game last night? I went to bed after that awful call where Bobby and JJ got ejected -- quite frankly, I was surprised we pulled out a win after that. Good for the boys, for lifting the team after the unfairness towards JJ, and good for the team for proving we deserve to be in the wild card race. :)

Here is the video recap of the game, courtesy, and here are some fun pictures:

Baby: "Hahahaha, you're great! We're BFF now!"
Church: "Hmmm...we'll see." *pat pat*

"I don't trust you."

"I might need a new diaper..."

Church: "If you grew a beard, we'd look like twins."
KJ: "Dude, I wish I could!"

Hee. :)


Crista Michelle said...

I fell asleep after church hit the homer.
I'm very proud of the boys for pulling the win last night. Especially Mr. Church :)

Amy said...

I was watching until the end. :D And yes, I'm SO proud of them, too, for coming back and winning the game after that awful call.

Ariana said...

Hi, I never properly introduced myself. My name is Ariana and I absolutely love your blog. I've been reading for a while now.

I love the pictures! I'd just like to say that Ryan Church has become one of my fave players now ;) That win yesterday was amazing. I really love my Braves :)

Alison said...

JJ got ejected too? I missed that. I know that Bobby got ejected... lame!!

But I do have to say... When Escobar hit that go ahead RBI, my heart leapt and I thought, "Yes! Here's our chance! Ryan Church! It is time to hit a homerun. Do it for me, Ryan! Homerun!" It was as if he heard me, because as soon as I finished the thought, he swung the bat, and that ball went sailing out of there...

I love me some Braves... sometimes I wish I didn't love them so much because I'm horribly attached to every player. To the point that I'm actually genuinely upset if they get traded. =P

Anyway, hello, I'm Alison. I love your blog!

CABravesFan said...

Just had to share a bit from last night (Saturday)- Naturally I forgot my camera but I am bringing it today so I will try to get some pics- I had the great pleasure of sitting next to Ryan Church's mom and behind his dad and uncle- maybe the coolest people ever :) His mom is AWESOME- wish y'all could have heard her ranting about what a cheater Manny is :)

Anyways- it was a lot of fun...hope to have some pics for you after today

Roman Gal said...


You'd better get some good pictures! Or, well...I probably won't do anything.

Lauren T. said...

Welcome, new commenters! It's always nice to hear from fresh voices -- please comment often! :)

CA, hope you're having a great time today. Who's pitching, again? New Javy? ;)

CABravesFan said...


Finally I got to see New Javy! and he pitched GREAT :D

Katie said...

Somehow I stayed up for all of the late games (the last two were worth it) but it definitely caught up with me today. BTW, New Javy is so handsome, love him :)

Amy V said...

I stayed up! But I live on the West Coast so I imagine I don't count...great game, though!

Amanda said...

I stayed up for all 3, even thursday night which preceded a work dayt..boy was I mad I stayed up for that!.

Fortunately they made it up to me with the next 3 games. :D

I'm going to line them up and beat them if they roll into town and lay down and die for the Nats.

I'm working on going to at least one game in the Phillies series this weekend, if only that Sunday game was a day game...

Amy said...

I'm right there with you, Amanda. They'd better not let the Nats beat them!

CABravesFan said...

Line them up and beat them? Mmmm- sounds like fun ;)

(sorry! It's Monday- need something to keep me entertained!)