Monday, August 24, 2009

Lizziebeth went shopping with the Braves!

You didn't miss Martin, he didn't make it - that was a bummer. I also heard that Yunel was at a car show about 5 miles away, but it was a $25 thing. I didn't have time to even print a pic of Omar, so I only got JJ's autograph. When I got there, JJ was bagging groceries and Omar was signing. Then Omar went in to serve sandwiches, except he kept signing autographs and let the Publix people serve the sandwiches. When he got done with that, they took him over to bag groceries, which he looked a little reluctant to do, but did. Not pissed, just an "aw, man, really?" look. JJ was cute as ever and even gave people a little wink after he signed for them.

Aww, I wish I'd gotten to go! Maybe they'll go to an intown Publix one of these days, and not a Publix that's 40 minutes away. ;) Thanks for sharing your pictures, Lizziebeth!


Amanda said...

Two of my favorites. Thanks again, Lizziebeth.

I heard JJ was hanging out at Peachtree Tavern Saturday night and signed and took photos with some fans. What a sweetie.

flbravesgirl said...

JJ is the smilingest guy I've ever seen.

Thanks, Lizziebeth!