Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Huddy's hometown discount?

From MLBtraderumors.com: Braves Have Interest In Tim Hudson Extension

I really hope this is true, and I hope DOB's speculation about Huddy and/or New Javy being traded is totally false. Keep those two, JJ, and Hanson and put Lowe and KK out there on the trading block!

In other Braves junk...

- New Javy won the NL Player of the Week, in case you missed the tweet. :)

- KJ talks to the New York Daily News about being bowled over while turning a double play.

- "Until you're mathematically eliminated, you hope for a miracle," [Matt] Diaz said.

- Yay, Yunie's highlights are almost completely grown out! Also, his ginormous hand scared me a little until I realized he's wearing a glove and the dirt is the same color as his arm. :D

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