Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Roster Expansion!!

From Bowman's Blog:

After Monday night's win over the Marlins, the Braves announced that Brooks Conrad, Luiz Valdez and Clint Sammons will join the big league club when the rosters are expanded on Tuesday.
I'm very excited to see Conrad back -- I think he made a very positive impact on the club while he was here, and y'all know I like a "gritty" player. :) I'm always happy to have Clint back too! As for Valdez, I don't remember him performing very well for us, but he was Gwinnett's closer and Gwinnett has a better winning percentage than the Atlanta Braves, so I suppose we can't complain!

Was anyone left out in the callups? I wouldn't mind bringing Barbaro back up as a pinch-hitter, but he's the only one I'm missing. I'm glad Jo-Jo wasn't invited to return. I'm sure some Braves fans are surprised BJones and Gregor weren't invited up, but let's be honest -- they aren't superstars. We will have plenty of outfielders when Nate gets healthy again, and I think we'll be okay with what we have.

So what do you think?


ETA: Speaking of the G-Braves, Chopper the mascot was at the Falcons pre-season game on Saturday night. I still can't figure out what he was doing to Freddie the Falcon here!!

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Jessica said...

I am happy Brooks and Clint got called up. I just saw a couple of games against Durham Saturday and last night and they looked good. Gregor went 5 for 6 last night, so I was sure he was getting called up. I'm surprised Diory wasn't called up either. He's been playing well, too. But, I guess you can't call up everybody!