Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs. Nationals 10-1-09

Last game of the season for me, and my sixth loss in a row. We were very concerned there wasn't going to be anyone there, considering how empty it was when we arrived. B is a sad face.

Seriously, the only time I've seen the stadium this empty is at Fan Fest, and even then, this might have been emptier. Oh well, let's look at some pictures! Full album here.


- Brooks Conrad

- Booooone

- Yunie

- Baby

- JJ (heart)

- MattE 1 ~ 2

- Omar

I was wearing the #23 Matt Diaz shirt I bought on the street at the last game I attended, and Lizziebeth and B and I headed over to right field as soon as we were allowed. The plan was for B to hoot at MattE so he could see my shirt, and then maybe throw us a ball? It was empty enough that we could hear conversations on the field, so theoretically, it wouldn't take much yelling for someone to hear us. However, B was on the phone and completely forgot the reason we went over there, and by the time he hung up, the Braves were running to the dugout. Totally missed our opportunity. Sad face #2.

As an apology, B bought me a ginger ale in the 755 Club (not a baseball! but I still love ya, man), and we watched the end of the Brewers / Rockies game during Nationals BP. I always love watching the Brewers. :)

While walking around the club level, I spotted a $20 bill on the floor. After looking around for a few seconds to see if anyone around was looking for it, B picked it up and we took it to guest services. They told us that if no one claimed it by the end of the 7th, we could come back and pick it up. Awesome.

OK, to the seats!

Thanks for the tickets, B's co-worker's husband! I really like B's co-worker and her husband -- they're great to hang out with.

- Here are the Braves Live guys, preparing for the show: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

- Yay, another MattE fan!

- Hanson stretching

- Lineups!

- Brooks did the closest to the pin contest (and came in second place, again)

- Willie Harris' big screen pic

- Pete Orr's big screen pic

- More Pete Orr ;)

- Garret Anderson singled in the second for his 2500th career hit! Wow. 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

- Hanson's intro video, for Jenna:

- Mystery Brave (you can hear B and I "discussing" who it isn't)

- I was out getting a pretzel when the Tool Race started, so B was kind enough to record it for me! Thanks, B!

At the top of the 9th, we realized we might have $20 waiting, so we headed back up to the club level. On the way there, in our concourse, I saw this HUGE GUY walking towards us. Almost too late, as we passed, I threw up a wave and said, "Hi Jerome!" all casual like. He replied with a very friendly "hi" -- I think he thought we knew each other. :D That was fun. The $20 was still there at guest services, so we're each $10 richer!

Braves lost 2-1. :(

This was the best part of the "images of the game" on TV that night...

Happy off-season, everyone!


Jenna said...

Thanks for the Tommy intro video! I have eleventy billion more of the "Tommy stretching" type pictures. I got a little camera happy at the last game I went to.

Lauren T. said...

I wish I remember who B was trying to get me to trade JJ and New Javy for... I really can't recall! :( Clearly, I don't want either of them to go anywhere, haha.